EBTA Electronic database - some FAQs    August 2018

  1. What is the purpose of this new system?

                To produce a centralised, secure electronic database of therapists who have taken Bobath Courses (Basic, Refresher, Advanced)

  1. Can individual NTOs print off their own Certificates, in addition to the electronic one, for their Participants?

                Yes, each NTO can still have their own individualised Certificate to be given out at the end of the course. Preferably after each therapist has entered their details and paid for the electronic version.

  1. How does a senior tutor access the new system?

                Each senior tutor has an identification number which they will need to log into the system and add the successful therapists to the system.

  1. Will the new electronic database issue numbers to the senior tutor to be used on their own NTO Certificates?

No, each certificate has a unique barcode (a QR code) on it – there isn’t a number written on it so it cannot be misused, but the tutor can scan the barcode on the certificate with a QR code reader app to validate that it’s genuine. The certificates are then generated automatically for the therapists who complete courses.

  1. If senior tutor logs in to a central computer, whilst therapists stand in line; can the tutor go away whilst the therapists download and print their certificates?

Once the senior tutor has added the therapist to the system (name and email address) - and acknowledged that they have indeed completed course - then the tutor can go away and doesn’t need to do anything else. The therapist will be able to download and print their certificate without intervention from the tutor from any computer.

  1. What is the therapist process?

                    The therapist will get an email to say their Certificate is ready for printing, containing a link. On payment by the therapist of a small fee (for ex. 4euros) paid via Paypal, using their own credit card, they can download and print their certificate

  1. Does the senior tutor need to personally upload the names of successful candidates or can they give the list to a nominated admin person who can upload them to the system?

If it is more convenient, an admin person can be given the login details of the senior tutor and add the therapists to the database from the tutor’s account-but any errors on the certificate will be the responsibility of the senior tutor.

  1. Can a senior tutor or admin person print the certificates?

Yes after the therapist has paid. Then either the therapist or the tutor can print the certificate.

  1. What information is needed for the Certificate:

                            There are fields for therapist’s date and place of birth. Plus course title, venue, Location